Monday, November 5, 2018

I will repurpose your blog or article content

I will repurpose your blog or article content


This gig is geared towards all bloggers, online entrepreneurs and online marketers who do not have the time or resources to maximize the marketing potential of their blog and articles. Write your blog once and allow me to repurpose it in various ways to assist you with increased visibility and credibility. By repurpose, I mean you have written content. I can take that and turn it into the following for you saving you time:

Social media posts and tweets
Cheat sheet
Possible ideas for a course for online training
Tip sheet
Possible ideas for an ebook
Powerpoint presentation
Handout and more depending on the content of your blog, transcripts etc

This can be an ongoing service for those in need so feel free to message me for a custom order based on your special needs and a reasonable quote will be provided for offer and discussion.


bolbjerg:Corine is a good writer who puts an effort into the creativity.

corinelaf:Fabulous experience working with Anja.

pharris3:Corine is a thorough worker and delivers quality work.

corinelaf:It's great working with Paula again. I look forward to working with her again on creating/uploading her content as courses/curriculum on Teachable.

alex44839:Great hustle, delivered articles above my expectation. Highly recommended!

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