Friday, November 2, 2018

I will provide a professional logo review and critique

I will provide a professional logo review and critique


21 Five-Star Reviews Already Completed! How Can I help You?

Creating a logo, whether for your own company or a client's, requires a huge number of factors coming together to establish a visually appealing and effective mark. Having a second set of critical eyes looking at your design(s) can make a big difference!

My name is Tim, and I have designed hundreds of logos for various projects involving national brands, start-ups and stock elements. I have developed a keen eye for shapes, fonts and colours, and how they all come together to build the foundation for a brand identity.

I will give an expert opinion on any logo you are considering. You can also upgrade for reviewing multiple designs at once, or have me adjudicate the finalists for a logo contest you are hosting. Check out the "Sample" in my portfolio to see what I am offering. 

Any suggestions I give will be with the best of intentions, not personal. If something is misguiding, unappealing or not following best practise, I will be honest with you, providing strengths, weaknesses & recommendations for improvement.

Please contact me before ordering for availability, usually able to deliver faster.


jimriemer2121:This is hands down one of the best gigs I have ever purchased on fiverr. I was about ready to drop a couple hundred dollars going crazy not knowing what direction to take my logo in but this gig saved the day! Highly recommended1

paperrockets:A pleasure to work with you again, looking forward to seeing the final product being used to grow your business! Thanks\r\n\r\nTim

promodrones:Brilliant service - I would highly recommend this service to anyone considering their options for a new logo. Fast professional service that exceeded every expectation! Thanks!!!

paperrockets:Excellent experience. The updated logo is FAR superior to the original logo, I am excited to hear the final outcome! Thanks for the opportunity!\r\n\r\nTim

deluxas:Another logo review = another awesome feedback to be on the right path. Highly Recommended!

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